Monday, September 28, 2020

What are My Art Pieces?

 Last night we watched Bea Alonzo's house tour (part 1). Oh wow, she has a very beautiful house! I couldn't help but admire how well designed everything is, from her art pieces, furniture, cabinets and her well-organized pantry. While watching I asked Sweetie, "Do we have any art pieces?" 

I wildly looked around our tiny apartment while waiting for Sweetie to answer. He said, "You're Yoda collection!" Uhh, yes perhaps that and Sweetie's Transformers. I thought about our home in Manila and thought about whether we have any art pieces. I know my Mom has some paintings and sculptures, but her centerpiece is a family painting Tito Bert made for us. 

If I could have one art piece I'd like to have this please (only two in the world!).

My friend Anne pointed out to me, I'm a functional person. She has been helping me think about how to fix our home in Manila. She said all the pins I pinned on Pinterest are functional! Uhh, yes, guilty as charged. We moved to our home in Manila in December 2012 and we don't have anything hanging on the wall yet. In Manila though I have on display precious items - family photos, gifts from my communities across Asia and special birthday gifts. I may not have expensive art pieces, but I keep precious items on display.

My prized possession, a gift from Marcus and Shirni. 

Looking around our apartment here in Singapore, here are my "art pieces" --

Family photos.

Groot from a movie we watched as a family and Sweetie's forever white paper rose he made for me.

I've had these for awhile now, coin bank frog from my playmate Josh, an elephant from GBG Colombo and a Poke ball from Yoshi. 

I've been thinking a lot how my future home would look like, but honestly I'm still thinking more about how functional it can be rather than how pretty it should look. My home has always had that well lived in look and I think it will never change. Ralph said that everything is in it's proper place when he came to visit (he has a very nice home). I was happy with that comment because what that meant to me is, "It's not messy!" It does get very messy when we don't have visitors and everything is in order only when Mom comes to visit hehe. 

What about you? Do you collect art pieces? 

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