Monday, September 7, 2020

It was a Bad Day

Last Monday started on a bad note. I was feeling unwell and saw my doctor during my lunch break. My stomach acidity was triggered when I went for physiotherapy just after lunch. And then it got worse when I enjoyed eating too much during my birthday weekend. By Monday my body was going bonkers so I went to see my doctor. With just a few questions he knew what went wrong and gave me a some medication and a lot of reminders.

I was back to my happy self the next day and I resumed my usual activities. Attended my physiotherapy session on Wednesday. My PT adjusted my activities to lessen the impact on my tummy. I was feeling okay the next day and we even went to the park. Friday was busy and I puttered around the house all weekend. I was happy I didn't need to see my respiratory doctor since he said if things got worse to go see him again before the weekend.

I had been ignoring a symptom which I've been feeling for a few weeks now. I sometimes feel like I'm being choked. My doctor explained that it's probably some of the acid reaching my throat. Last night though the feeling was quite unbearable and this morning I was having difficulty breathing. I already took a shower and was getting ready for work when I felt really weak. I laid down on bed and when Sweetie checked on me I told him I probably needed to go to the emergency room.

I was not sure if it was my tummy or my lungs. I just watched a vlog last night where they mentioned, "If you're feeling pain make sure to get yourself checked!" So I did. We were ushered to the A&E (ER here in SG) and I was greeted by a Pinoy nurse. The A&E is located in I think a basement parking area. I was the only patient and was quickly attended to by a nice doctor who explained everything to me. He said not to be worried because it's just still the acid affecting my throat.

There was one important tidbit the doctor explained to me -- even just drinking water can affect my tummy. So even though I've been following my doctor's advise, there are other adjustments I need to make so my tummy will go back to normal.  I usually just eat 3 meals per day, but now I need to chop that up to smaller meals. I love drinking water, but I need to drink in smaller quantities too. I didn't sleep well last night and doctor advised to rest for two days. I'm not allowed to do anything exhausting so my body can recuperate. Arggghhh.

It was a bad day, I'm still experiencing the symptoms. Hope tomorrow will be a better day. Pray for me okay?

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