Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Forever with Mama Mary

My Mom is a devotee of Mama Mary and she developed our love for Mama Mary too. I was so proud when I was invited to contribute to the book "Mama Mary and Her Children" (book 6). I took a leave and flew home to Manila to attend the launch. Fr. James Reuter, S.J. was the one who started the book. I was really so grateful I was invited to contribute by my friend, Rowie Matti, because Fr. Reuter was my Dad's mentor and basketball coach. And the book being a tribute for Mama Mary made my Mom so happy. (We also got my Kuya to contribute in the same book).

I always run to Mama Mary whenever I have problems and whenever I have a request. When I was growing up my Mom would tell me the prayers she's been granted. One story she's told over and over again was her prayer for Ate to pass the chemical engineering board exam. She passed and was the topnotcher (#1!). I would also always see Mom with her rosary at hand -- usually by her bedside. She has one favorite rosary that I gnawed on when I was a toddler. She still has it and the odd colored bead is still there.

When I think of Mama Mary, I naturally think about my Mom because of her devotion to her. When I finally got to visit Rome, I cried when I saw the Pieta. It's my Mom's favorite image and it's always been her wish to see it. I was hoping we could bring Mom to Rome (and the Holy Land), hopefully after the pandemic. I brought home an image of the Pieta for her from Rome. She was so happy she handcarried it back home form Singapore (it was quite heavy!).

I must admit, I have been amiss with my spiritual wellbeing in the last few months. I was crushed when we couldn't go hear mass. It's what makes me feel complete every week. What has helped me the last few months is reading Didache every night before I sleep. It's a good guide for praying, reflecting and it provides reminders on what is more important. Tonight I shall say a prayer of thanks to Mama Mary and ask for her guidance on something I have been thinking about for almost a year already.
Happy birthday Mama Mary! Love you forever!

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