Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I'm Conflicted

There's something I've been praying for. When I pray for something I usually ask God to give me a clear sign (like the white rose). I think maybe I haven't made a clear request because the feedback has been conflicting. The universe is saying one thing, but my katawang lupa* is communicating something else. This means I should rework my prayer. What do you do when you're in that kind of situation?

My doctor gave me clearance to resume my physiotherapy sessions. I'm so grateful my physiotherapist is the most patient, kind and caring PT in the whole wide universe. Before we start our sessions she always asks me how I am and she adjusts what we do based on my state. She also already knows when I'm more tired than usual. This happens when my extremities couldn't follow the direction it should go (haha). She knows me very well so she adjusts as needed.

Sweetie told me he was going home late from work so I decided to go to Plaza Sing to buy dinner and flowers. Of course, I dropped by Spotlight to buy Mom some fabric (really! It wasn't for me!), picked up some groceries and flowers. I also got a bento from the grocery, it was cheaper than hawker center food and was yummy. I was properly tired by the time I got home.

My brain was still so fired up so I did some work on a doc I left hanging. Ahhh that effectively depleted me and I've been watching a couple of YouTube videos while blogging. I'm still conflicted though, I hope tonight's Reading will provide some needed guidance.

CB//162 #StuckAtHomeDay/193 #WFH110 #StayHome #BeKind 

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