Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How I Cope with Homesickness

I miss those days I could just hop on a plane and be home for the weekend. I used to do that a lot when Sweetie and Miggy still lived in Manila. We had a brief respite when all of us were in Singapore while Miggy was studying. Miggy's finished school and has been in Manila for a year now. I was able to see him monthly since he went home since we'd have him over in Singapore quarterly and I went home every so often. I was expecting to do the same this year, but I haven't seen Miggy since February. This is the longest time we've been apart :'(

I pinged my childhood friends this afternoon and told them I'm feeling super homesick. The longest time I've been away from home is 6 months. I was only 4 years old then and we spent 6 months in the US. I turned 5 on the way home from the US. I don't think I felt homesick back then since I had my Mom and Titay to play with everyday. So I pinged my friends this afternoon and told them I was feeling super homesick. They are scheduling an online meetup this Friday (yay!).

This is how I cope with homesickness -

Nag Miggy on Chat - all day, everyday lol.

Order Filipino Food - I can cook, but there are dishes that are best cooked for you. I even put together list of where I get Pinoy food.

Watch Vlogs from Back Home - we watch vlogs from all over the Philippines, I prefer the vloggers with pets though haha. I'm also watching this vlog from a Filipino-Italian based in Australia, his Mom reminds me so much of my Tita Olive.

Ping my Family and Friends - of course, must get tsismis! Errr I mean check on family and friends lol. I especially miss those times I meet up with friends at Commune. Or have weekend get-togethers at Mom's.

Build my Balikbayan Box - probably all Filipinos who work abroad do this. I only finally did this only this year. I didn't need to before because I used to just bring home all my pasalubong. This is the reason why I'm planning for Christmas now.

I'm so grateful to my friends who have been watching out for my family while we're away. <3

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