Saturday, September 5, 2020

Thinking About My Christmas Project

I just woke up from a nap. We've been busy tidying up since after lunch and I also took care of scanning some stuff. It took longer than I expected and I tired myself out from puttering around the house. I haven't started planning for my Christmas project which is what I set to do this afternoon.

I try to plan for Christmas early. When I have enough time I try to send out homemade Christmas cards and quilted gifts. I haven't been consistent in my plans since making things by hand takes time (not just time, but forever!). For this year we probably won't be able to come home for Christmas. I'm still hoping we can have Miggy and Mom over for Christmas. I can't imagine celebrating Christmas without Miggy and my Mom.

For the Christmas cards I'll probably head over to Art Friend to get some supplies so I can start the project soon. What takes time when I prepare the cards is writing out the addresses! I had an address stamp made early last year, but we moved! Haha. I should order a new one soon. I'm still thinking what kind of cards I'll be sending out.

Two years ago I made pouch bags for friends. It was all handmade and I embroidered their name on the pouch. I made about 30 sets which took three months. I also made some pillowcases for some friends, but I didn't finish it in time for that Christmas. I was supposed to give it last year, but I took a break and it was lost in storage. I found it today and decided to use it after we installed the elastic sofa cover hehehe.

Hmmm, it's going to be challenging this year because I need to finish whatever I make by October so I can ship it back to Manila early. I already have an idea what I'll make. I just need to determine how long it will take for me to make it. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions on what I should make for Christmas?

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