Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Be a Pineapple

I almost lost my crown today. I actually did and was bawling my eyes out and doing some writing to calm myself when I got a call. I was need for an important task. I took a deep breath and rushed to prepare to be where I was needed in fifteen minutes. 

The mad rush was what calmed me down. I had to focus at a snap of a finger. I had to be at my best for it. That's how my Dad trained me to keep my emotions in check. I was able to set aside my upset self to deliver. My Kuya said that was a big feat. What they didn't know was right after my part a friend reached out and made time to chat with me. Tears started to fall again, but I managed to keep it together. 

I managed to keep it together for the rest of the day and that's what professionals do. During dinner I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post by Jonathan Yabut. He said, "Be like a pineapple whenever you're stressed: (1) Stay tall and mighty; (2) Keep wearing your crown; and (3) Remain cool and sweet inside". 

Easily said than done. So that's where I bring in the lessons I got from Chade Meng Tan on "Joy on Demand". One tip he gave during the session I attended years ago is to take a deep breath just before your next meeting. Just inhale and exhale all the stress out. You owe it to the next person you are meeting to be at your best. 

It is hard to do and I'm honestly still struggling now, but as Jonathan Yabut said, "Be like a pineapple...!" Chin up, don't fall into the trap of playing politics and just do what you are good at. 

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