Tuesday, September 29, 2020

That Time I Visited Taichung in Taiwan

I love visiting Taiwan. The first time I visited Taiwan a few years ago I felt at home. There was familiarity even though it was my first time to visit. It made me think, maybe my grandma is from Taiwan? Anyway, I always look forward to visiting Taiwan and as much as I haven't done any of the touristy things I'm happy I've been able to visit a few places outside of Taipei like Kaohsiung, Yilan and Taichung. 

This is how I will remember Taichung for now, until I get to explore it more. 

Last year from Tokyo I flew to Taipei and then took a train to Taichung with Shin Yee. I was so happy she decided to come join us (she loves visiting Taiwan too). We met up at the train station and got HSR tickets to Taichung. I love taking the HSR since it's fast, comfortable and you can have snacks if you want! I was excited to see a new county and explore it. 

The county has it's own charm. I loved walking around just before dinner to explore.

Taichung is famous for night markets and hiking. I got to explore the night market and try out a couple of bubble tea shops. The train station was huge! It doubles as the bus interchange too. I didn't get to see the old train station which they say is beautifully made of bricks. 

The train station.

I would have loved to explore Taichung more, but it was raining so hard while we were there. What made the trip special for me was meeting the teacher community and seeing old friends. They are always warm and welcoming and despite the rain they managed to host a mini-party for the success of the event. They hosted the celebration on the stage of the auditorium haha. It was a totally different experience! There was so much laughter and they all made me feel welcome. 

I was hoping I could explore Taiwan a bit more this year. That will have to wait for another day.

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