Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wish I Could Just Conk Out Day

My leg was cramping when I woke up. Sweetie rushed to me and sprayed my leg with medicated spray. I did some stretching to stop the cramp, it eased a little and I fell back to sleep. Forced myself to get up 15 minutes later because I had errands to run before starting work. I had to go to our new place to file our request to move and then I rushed to the hospital to pick up some of my medication. The meds took awhile to get, but luckily I made it back home in time for my first meeting. 

It is the worst time to move, but we have to. 

Today I had to choose between prioritizing my external stakeholders or my internal stakeholders. I prioritized my external stakeholders even though some of my internal stakeholders seemed to want to bite me (sorry guys). I'm happy to help although I feel I've been working at breakneck speed for 2 whole months now. I am looking forward to the long weekend, but we will be working on packing up the house for our move on Monday. 

Sweetie having lunch with his colleagues.

I had to finish something after dinner and the started packing some more items. My energy ran out an hour ago. I ready to conk out because I had to step out again at around 4 to settle the deposit for the move. I hope Sweetie doesn't leave me in the living room if I fall asleep on the couch. 


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