Friday, April 24, 2020

Adobo and Friends

I cooked chicken adobo last night since I miss being home. It's been three months since I left Manila and ended my two month break. Wow! Time flies so fast. I feel like I just woke up to start the work-week, but I realized this morning it's Friday again! The day also went by so quickly since I was in meeting after meeting. 

It took me awhile to learn how to cook adobo. My housemate's former boyfriend was the one who first showed me how to cook adobo. I got scared though how he cooked it since it had oil and there was a lot of wisik wisik. Eventually I met the Komikero (the famous Gerry Alanguilan) who taught me how to cook adobo via Twitter and YouTube. The idea of marinating it overnight and then just leaving it to boil appealed to me. It took me awhile to find the perfect balance of ingredients. I have two other adobo recipes (Spanish adobo and cheesy adobo) which I should try making again soon. One tip my Dad taught me was never to mix the marinade until after it boils for a few minutes. 

I heard that when you mention Filipino food, adobo is usually one of the top of mind dishes. I have many fond memories of adobo. When I was small we used to do roadtrips to my Mom's hometown in Camangui. We would always have adobo as our lunch baon and normally we'd stop somewhere in Quezon/Camarines Norte and have lunch. Back in the day it wasn't common to have restaurants in that stretch of road so we always brought our own food. Why adobo? Because it never spoils and last for a few days. And of course we had leftover adobo for dinner tonight (it's actually better tasting as leftover). 

My lunchmates.

Today I got to hangout with my lunchmates through Google Meets. Most of us live within 5 minutes of each other. We moved to our new place to be closer to them. Unfortunately we haven't seen them since we moved. The funny thing is we have the same view but we don't have direct view of each other's window. We plan to meet-up when all of this is over, but who knows we may bump into each other on the street. It's been raining like crazy in the afternoons the last three days. I told them that I didn't expect to experience bagyo-like rain in the West Coast. 

Weekend will be busy as we finish tidying up our new home. Luckily the boxes have been picked up by the movers so our place doesn't look as hideous anymore. How about you, how are you spending your weekend?

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