Friday, April 3, 2020

Adjustments for the Next Few Weeks

PM Lee made an announcement today about additional guidelines for work places and schools. Here's the video -

This means we have continue to work from home. I probably have to re-think whether I should re-schedule my PT sessions for the meantime. I have to follow closely the list of exercises my PT made. I'm sad though because it's my PT's birthday on Monday! It's going to be tough to miss my sessions since I've been progressing well, but the fact that there are more unlinked new cases now is really concerning. 

Ending the week really spent. I didn't bother counting my meetings (haha) coz that's just gonna make me feel more tired. Super look forward to the weekend, but I have an eye check-up tomorrow. I can't move it anymore since I already delayed it by a month. My two appointments called me up today to check on my current condition and they advised me to come a bit earlier since they have to check your temp upon arrival. After my hospital run I'll immediately go home. 

Signing off with just that for today. Need to rest early ;)

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