Sunday, April 19, 2020

House Hunting in Singapore

The pandemic was declared on March 11 and at that time we were already planning moving to a new place since our lease is almost up. We decided to start house hunting early and had a list of areas we wanted to move to since last year. It took us several tries before we found the perfect place for us. Here's the experience we went through looking for a new place -

We originally wanted to be in the same condo as our friends, but we didn't get the unit (agent just stopped communicating with our agent). We found our new place after looking through property guru one late night. The unit was just posted and was the last link I sent to my agent. I didn't expect that he would organize a viewing for the next night (9pm!). We went over to check the unit out after our physiotherapy session. And the rest is history :)

Thank you Lord for finding us a better place than the one we originally liked :)

#CB13 #StayHome

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