Tuesday, April 21, 2020

#StayHome Pa More

This afternoon PM Lee announced that the Singapore circuit breaker will be extended until June 1. It took me by surprise because I expected that things would slowly ease back to normal by May 4. At the back of my head I know that it was going to be extended most especially because of the alarming numbers of confirmed cases in the last two weeks and there's still a percentage of local cases that are still unlinked. I know it's for the best, but not being with Miggy and not being able to see my Mom for a long time is just really hard for me. 

Dinner on the couch while watching YouTube vids.
Home still very messy. (#OOTD from my friend Paola)

After I finished work I felt so defeated and just lay down on the couch and waited for Sweetie to finish his work. It was past 8pm when he found me on the couch watching YouTube videos. Normally seeing our teacher community makes me happy, it just didn't work today. It was only when Sweetie and I ate dinner -- pizza -- when I started feeling better. I remember my Dad bought me pizza when I was recovering from SARS back in 2003. It was the antidote (Daddy's love and care) that made me well. 

Finally finished opening the last packed box -- my shoes. I put it last since there's no reason for me to wear shoes now because I'm just always home. I hope tomorrow the movers will pick up the boxes since they're taking up so much space. Hopefully by this weekend we'll be able to finish fixing our new home. I'm glad we made the right decision to move immediately since we would have been miserable at our old home with the plumbing problems. I'll try to tidy up more in the next few days so I can re-start my sewing projects this weekend. 

What about you? How are you coping with having to stay home? I know it shouldn't be hard since there are more people out there who are truly having a hard time. I pray that the affected workers will find respite from their challenges. I also pray that all leaders will make the best decisions for their countrymen. And for us who just need to stay home, that we all face this challenge with strong will, strong mind and accepting heart. 

#CB15 #WFH23 #StayHome

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