Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Laundry and Strange Behavior

The sky rumbled for more than an hour tonight and just as we finished hanging our laundry in the balcony it started to pour. We ran back inside and observed whether our clothes were in peril of getting blown away. Luckily it didn't and now we could relax a bit and watch some YouTube videos. 

I miss dining out. This was over a month ago.
Normally this place is packed, but they had marked tables you're not allowed to sit on. 

The quarantine/lockdown/circuit breaker, call it whatever you want, has really been challenging. I don't think we were created to just stay put in one place. I must admit I like staying at home and just venture out when I feel like it. My friends usually have to kidnap me to go out with them. The first few weeks of working from home was bearable for me since I had physiotherapy sessions twice a week. That was the only essential thing I needed to do outside and after my sessions I'd usually pop by the nearby stores near the MRT and that was good for me. My sessions abruptly stopped because of the circuit breaker. It's been bearable since we could still easily order anything we need online. 

Lunch with my "officemate". 

The past month has been really challenging. I've encountered strange behaviors around. It's been happening almost everyday I've learned to just face it squarely and chalk it up to experience. All I could say is, communication is key and don't judge things too quickly. I guess people are going bonkers over the situation and it's been hard to manage stress. I've been working an average of 11 hours a day since early March. I took a 2-day leave early this month, but I was so busy moving to our new place. I guess I should take another short break soon just to recharge. 

I know eventually things will start going back to normal in good time. I expect that when our office re-opens we will probably just come back gradually. I'll probably be one of the last to come back since realistically, much as I hate to admit it, I'm vulnerable and should take more precaution. Sweetie has been making sure I do not take any risks and that's why he only allows me out when we do our weekly lakwatsa.

Of course I'm the cutest :)

I had a video call the other night with my siblings to plan about Mom's wellbeing. I realized we've never really don't that in the past. I frequently chat with them, but never really did video chats since we all use different platforms for communication. And well we're weird that way. I was happy to see my Ate and Kuya laughing over bleach and an unnamed president*. I didn't know about it so I just watched them enjoy the moment together. It was like when we were all still at home. I was always clueless about what they were talking about because I was a good 13-16 years younger than both of them. I wish we could all go on vacation with Mom when things are better. 

We can all survive this pandemic. Aside from keeping safe, washing hands, wearing masks we should make sure to also take care of our overall wellbeing. Exercise! Meditate! Eat Healthy! And most importantly, pray. 

*Sweetie later on explained to me what this was about. I seriously haven't had time to really read the news. I've only been reading the updates on cases everyday. My reading time has been re-directed to reading Didache. 

#CB23 #WFH29 #StayHome #BeKind

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