Sunday, April 26, 2020

Miracles During a Pandemic

My friend Rose has launched a vlog called "Rose Talks". She sent me a request the other day to share what my biggest miracle has been during this COVID19 pandemic journey. I sent her a short video and thought I'd write about it at length. I wrote a little about it the other day, but I wrote more about the verse that uncle shared with me. We had a longer conversation since my destination was quite far. 

It started when the uncle Grab driver picked me up and I told him that I was really affected by the announcement that the circuit breaker was extended. We talked about it at length and I eventually explained to him why I had to go to the hospital. I usually tell the driver that I'm not sick and that day I was headed to see my respiratory doctor for my quarterly check-up. I couldn't miss my appointment since I'm almost out of meds. I shared to uncle that I know I'm vulnerable, but I've been facing this situation squarely since I know I'm still alive for a reason. I shared to him that I had gotten ill several times, but I've been very blessed to be still alive. I shared that my Dad taught me that God would only take you when you've completed your mission. Of course, I still take precautions.

Uncle then asked me if I was Christian. I told him yes I'm Roman Catholic. He said that he is Catholic too and pointed out that's what different about how we all have been facing this trial. After that he shared the Psalm with me and gave me a reminder to read the Bible every day. It was like a cloud was lifted over my head. I was reminded that I should face this pandemic with faith in God. And that is one of the many miracles I've experienced during this trying times. 

Happy Sunday everyone. 

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