Friday, April 3, 2020

How to Make Our Country's Situation Better

I'm seriously going to sound like my Dad on this post. I've been thinking about this for a long time now (years!) and the answer came to me finally last night. I posted a screenshot of the Twitter trending topics in my previous post. I felt really anxious and I told myself that there had to be a way each one of us could help improve our country's situation. I then had the idea to put on work hat and analyzed the situation as if it's a project I'm doing. This is what I wrote around one in the morning today -

Pilipinas kong Mahal

First time ko makita na ang trending sa Twitter sa Philippines panay anti government topics. It is not enough that we tweet our anger. I think there are steps we need to take to really have change happen:

1. We have to educate those that are not on Twitter why the current leadership is a huge failure to the Filipino people. Talk to those in your immediate circle and have them in turn talk to their circle. Make the effect ripple.

2. The approach has to be bottom up. Di pwedeng top lang. It will not solve the problem in the long run. Start in your own barangay. These people got there because they have supporters down to your barangay. Ask, what is your barangay captain doing for your immediate community? Is there any hocus pocus happening there?

3. Your mayor. You probably realize now in this ECQ that the mayor is key in running your city properly. Case in point - QC and Pasig. Is your mayor really providing the right guidance for your city officials? Kasama dyan councillors, barangay captains and kagawads. Don't forget the SK. Sino kaalyado ng mayor mo?

4. What bills is your congressman working on? Pro Filipino ba yan o hindi? Ano pinagkakaabalahan ng kongresista mo?

5. Senators. Similar sa congressmen. What are the senators you voted for busy with? What are the bills they are supporting? Gumagana ba coconut nila?

Don't be argumentative when you approach people. Ask them first how they feel about the situation. Keep asking questions and let them draw their own conclusions. Arguing will defeat the purpose of making them understand what needs to happen.

Remember, you need to use this fire to push for change. Even if the president is removed, all the cronies and the galamays will still be there. We need to make it clear to them that what they are doing is unacceptable.

Of course, after all these we need to elect better leaders. And also ask the question, "What is a good leader?"

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