Saturday, April 18, 2020

Thank You Fam, Friends and Community #StayHome

The last six weeks have really been hectic. I have at least 10 meetings everyday and I might dare say I'm kinda glad. Being busy has kept my mind off worrying about the pandemic. Family, friends and my communities have provided the rock I've been holding on to during this challenging time. 

I miss my Mom a lot

I am also thankful that my immediate family have been okay. We have a few family members who are frontliners and I pray everyday that they will be safe and will stay healthy. Mom and Miggy are in Manila, my sister and her family in the US and my brother and his family in Indonesia. All my titos and titas are also safe in their own homes. I was sad to hear about the passing of a cousin's husband in the US, my brother-in-law's cousin and one of my sister's friends. Please pray for the repose of their souls. 

Glad I was able to spend time with titos and titas and cousins during my break.

My friends have been constantly checking on me. A few got worried when I took time off early this week to move homes. Some thought I went back to the mountains. Only a handful knew I was moving homes that's why I was offline. I truly appreciate the care they have been showing. My childhood friends in Manila constantly check on each other and I'm grateful they also think about Miggy. They check also if he has enough supplies. 

Last quarter I transitioned back to my real job of managing programs, just in time to respond to the looming crisis. I am grateful that they've been very patient with me as I was assigned to do other stuff for a long time. They embraced me back like I was never gone. Managing communities is challenging, I must say though it's the most gratifying work. Seeing the people you empower make impact in the service they do is what keeps me going every day. I hope they find what they do truly gratifying too. I want to be able to hug each one of them in time :)

#CB11 #WFH21 

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