Monday, April 13, 2020

Moved Homes #StayHome

We’ve been waiting for this day for more than six months now. September last year while I was in Sydney a ceiling pipe burst in the common bathroom. Sweetie was alone in the apartment when the waterfall happened. The water came out of the ceiling light and the electricity shut off by itself. Sweetie wasn’t able to work the next day because he had no water and electricity. The incident only got fixed after lunch. It was a horrifying experience. The bathroom started to leak from the wall after that. It was finally inspected last February, but because it's going to be a huge job nothing was done. We were scared that the pipe may burst again and may injure one of us.  

It was a bad choice and we learned that a good location and a nice looking apartment is not enough when selecting your own place. One should also check the reputation of the agent and the date of the building you’re moving into. It’s not the best time to move now, but our lease is finally ending and we grabbed the chance to find a better place. We did try to leave after the waterfall incident, but let's just say it was just coupled with another horrendous experience.

Packing day. PT said it could count in my PT requirement for now haha. 

Pak Ganis told me last week that the move would do me good even under the circumstance we’re in. We really liked the first apartment we selected, but the agent did not even bother to respond to our agent’s follow-ups. We found our current apartment after I randomly looked at other buildings in the area of our first choice. It’s one of the smaller units in the building, but it’s perfect for me and Sweetie. 

Tired but utterly relieved. We still need to clean up our old place and turn it over, but we will have to wait until the circuit breaker is over to get help to have the unit thoroughly cleaned.

Miggy was originally set to come visit this month, but SQ already cancelled his ticket. We were hoping he’d be around for the move. I think he’ll like this new place. It’s in a quieter, less busy area of Singapore and we’re surrounded by 2 parks! Hopefully when this pandemic is over we can go explore the park and maybe by then I could already go biking again. 

I’m writing this post offline because we don’t have internet yet. Time stretches noh when you’re offline. I feel like I was super productive today because I wasn’t too distracted by going online (well I had to take a leave for this too). We’re both so tired now because we rushed to move while it’s still allowed. The shortened work-week meant we had to squeeze in as much work as we could in four days. Work during the day, pack at night. 

Yup, naturally gravitated towards the couch and we fell asleep hehe. 

We just fixed some basic stuff for today - the kitchen (70% done) and the bedroom (just so we could sleep). We were so tired we conked out on the couch at around 4pm. After the powernap we started fixing the place up again. We’ll probably get more things done tomorrow when we’re rested. 

Good night world. 

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