Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday 2020 #StayHome #CB3

I woke up feeling forlorn today. A friend's Dad passed away and I've been seeing friends posting about loved ones passing away everyday the past week. A few weeks ago things still felt a bit normal. I was still able to attend my physiotherapy sessions and buy food before going home. I have my list of exercises from my PT and will just do that at home for now. 

We spent the entire day packing, but I couldn't help think about what's happening to the whole world. I was chatting with Yoshi yesterday and asked him why did this happen in our generation. He also did not know. I saw a clip on YouTube showing empty cities around the world. What used to be very busy places now have virtually no activity. 

I did notice though that there has been no weather calamities since the pandemic started. I haven't heard of any huge storms happening or any major climate related disaster. I'm thankful that we can all just deal with this crazy situation without having to worry about other issues that may make things worse. 

Growing up my Mom would always say to raise all my pain to Papa Jesus. She said just pray and things would be better. Holy Week was always observed very solemnly when I was growing up. No TV, don't be noisy, no playing outside. We were in church every day and Dad was oftentimes part of the washing of the feet ceremony. I've been missing my parents a lot lately. Dad's been gone for 9 years now and Mom is so far away. I wish this pandemic would be over soon so I can see my loved ones again and hug them. 

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