Thursday, April 16, 2020

How are you Doing? #StayHome #CB10

I finally got a good night's sleep last night. My sleep hasn't been good since last week. I'm not sure if it's because of the impending move/the move or other things bothering me. I'm glad I finally got to sleep properly last night because I wasn't feeling well yesterday. 

Anyway, how are you? How have you been coping just staying home? Yesterday I booked some time with one of my lunchmates to do a hangout just to check on her and here about how she's been managing. She's been dressing up everyday like she's going to the office. She said she had to so that she'd feel like she's at work. She said the highlight of her week is when she goes out to buy supplies at the grocery. She times going to the grocery when our other lunchmates go also so she can have some human interaction. We moved to our new place to also be closer to my lunchmates. 

I super miss my Miggy. This is probably the longest time I haven't seen him and the Mommy in me has been super lonely and worried for his well-being. We check on him every few hours, but it's really different when he is not around. I wish we can be together soon. One thing I noticed about our place in Manila is that our community has finally come together. We were one of the first to move in there, but for many years we never really mingled. Our community had the first confirmed COVID19 case in our barangay and it was in the same building. Luckily that was the first and last case so far. 

Made some special sparkly dalgona coffee.

My neighbors though started reaching out to each other more. I see some selling food they cooked from their kitchen. Some who have business have been selling supplies like veggies. There are those who send messages asking if anyone has spare items. It's like the old days when you rely on your neighbor to help. I remember growing up our neighbors would send food. We were never out of dessert and this happened often because my Dad oftentimes helped them with legal consultation. Our neighbors have also been taking care of the service providers who are living in the property for now since they are unable to go home. Everyone rallied to provide them with beds, food and other supplies. The pandemic brought out the best in people in our community. 

It's been a busy work day today and our place is still a huge mess. Sweetie made a huge dent in the boxes we have to open. We will need to work hard over the weekend to put things in their proper places and I hope we can have the movers pick up the boxes soon. We also had our internet installed yesterday and I'm glad it worked immediately. The few nights without internet was peaceful though and I think I'll try to live with less internet usage during weekends. 

Anyhoo, hope things are going well for you. We had over 700 confirmed cases today in Singapore. I hope everyone gets well soon. Please take care and stay safe. 

#CB10 #WFH20

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