Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Amazingly Animated April

I found that it's useful to start one's month on a positive note. To be honest it's getting harder with all the things happening around us. I've been getting my head bitten off by stressed out colleagues almost everyday. I wish all this madness will end soon. 

Twinning on this April Fool's day.

Last month I declared March to be maker month for me. I did a lot of cooking, writing and video editing. My quilting though did not progress as much as I wanted. I am dubbing this April as amazingly animated. I know I still need to work from home, so being animated is going to be a challenge! 

This is what's trending today :(

I am expecting this to be a busy month for us because we have to move to a new place. Our lease is ending soon and we've been viewing some places we can transfer to. We selected one, but so far the landlord accepts our offer. If not it means we're going to need to keep looking. 

Here's some things I think I could do this April to make things more animated (and not just all work!) -

Photo from Melbourne (circa May 2016). It kinda describes my mood today.

1. De-clutter! I moved to Singapore in 2011 with just 2 suitcases. I shipped over a mattress, an electric fan (which is still working!) and a sack of rice. We got a bit crazy in the past 3 years and have to de-clutter especially since we're downsizing to a smaller place. 

2. Increase exercise capacity. I hope I can increase from 2 to 3 I do per day to 5 to 7. Some on the list are quite tough though! And I hope I do better when my PT haves me try harder exercises. I'm lucky I work from home now so people don't see me limping every week. 

3. Learn new dishes! I've been watching a lot of cooking videos and I'm inspired to try making some of them. 

4. Bake bread! I planned to enroll in a cooking/baking class here in Singapore. I even did a trial class last year and told myself I'd enroll as soon as I was back from Manila. Can't for now, so I've been watching a lot of bread making videos. Wanted to try it, but I don't have yeast! Will need to wait until we need to buy supplies. 

5. Read! I love reading, but it's been a bit hard to find something that I'd be engrossed with. I haven't allowed myself to buy more books because I still have a lot that are unread hehe. 

I'll keep my list short for now since time seems to fly everyday (especially if you average 10 meetings a day!). 

Please keep safe and stay positive! :D

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  1. Wow, you've been there a long time na pala. I love SG! :)