Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Message from Above

I went out twice today. I had to go to our old apartment to open the door for movers who picked up some of our furniture. I was in and out in an hour. Went back home and got a call from my doctor's office. They wanted me to come for my quarterly check-up and so I could pick up my medication. My doctor was quite happy with my progress since I told him the physiotherapy helped me a lot (I super miss my physiotherapist!!!). He reduced my medication and said we'll slowly reduce it in the coming months. I told him that it helps that the air has been clean. I can only hope that the air will remain this clean forever. 

Don't you love the clean breeze nowadays?

I was still feeling a bit forlorn about the news when I woke up. My Grab ride to the hospital seemed to be a message from above. I told uncle that I was frustrated about the news on the extension, but I know that it's inevitable and really needed. He told me that in times like that I should read/listen to Psalm 91. I saved it up in my phone to read when I got home and I realized it is one of my favorite mass songs.

It calmed me down and gave me the strength to face this tough time. By the time I got home I was back to my usual bouncy self. I'm so glad uncle gave me a nice reminder that put me back to my usual stable self. <3

#CB17 #WFH25 #StayHome

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