Tuesday, April 7, 2020

CB#1 WFH#17 Stay Home #WithMe

Call with Mom and Miggy

Circuit Breaker Day 1
Work from Home Day 17
Stay home with me

Woke up my usual time today and went through my usual busy day. It's been unsettling for us all day since we've been in parallel working on moving out of our apartment. My colleagues and friends said it's the worst time to move. It is, but the situation in our current place is getting worse and we're scared that another pipe may burst and cause another waterfall. We had reported the issues multiple times, but the issue is behind the wall and will require a lot of work to fix. Our patience has run out and since our lease is almost up we decided to move as soon as we can. 

In between meetings we were making arrangements for our move. Mover arrived while we were both in meetings and good thing they were patient enough to wait. Luckily one of my meetings got cancelled and I had a bit of time to finalize the move arrangements. 

Utilities - electricity/water/gas: check
Internet: check, installation middle of next week
Mover: check
Boxes: check
Packing: started
PMO arrangements: finalize tomorrow -- praying they allow us to move on Monday
New place cleaning: Saturday

After the move we still need to turn down the old place - cleaning, cut utilities and give back the place. Ahhh and we need to figure out also how to find new owners for some of our furniture. And in between all this we need to stop and observe Holy Week. I'm going to really miss going to church, doing the Stations of the Cross and do all the things we do during Holy Week. I especially miss Mom and Dad, my SVMM family sigh. And most of all I miss my Miggy. This is probably one of the longest periods in his entire life we haven't been together. 

In the Philippines, the president announced that the ECQ is extended until April 30. I think it's the right decision. We had been observing social distancing in Singapore for many, many weeks now, but the coronavirus is really one nasty bug. I took additional precautions and cancelled PT for the meantime so I don't have to go out. We're carefully planning our move so I don't get exposed to the movers. Sweetie will take care of the new home cleaning with our cleaner this weekend. 

I've adjusted quite well to working from home. It is still super busy and I'm praying I could hold up to the pressure. This will all be over soon enough. :)

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