Saturday, April 25, 2020

Our Weekly Lakwatsa During #CB #StayHome

The last day I worked at the office was on March 6 and I only go out for essential stuff. With the circuit breaker in Singapore I don't go out anymore. I try my best to keep active during the day and I could just look longingly at the park near our new home. It is for the best and by doing this we help to get the situation under control. It is hard, but as RegineV said during her online concert, "One day this will end and this will just be stories we tell our grandchildren". 

Sweetie trolling me while brushing my teeth haha.

Once a week Sweetie and I go downstairs within our property. Here's what we do -

It's something we look forward to do every weekend. Everything else we need we manage by ordering online and purposely only get what we need. I was really forlorn the other day when the extension of the #CB was announced, but I'm okay now. I realized that God only gives us what we can bear. We just need to be flexible and to understand there is an important reason why we need to do this. I found the Didache I bought just before leaving Manila and I've been reading it every night before I go to sleep. It is the best salve for one's soul :)

Happy weekend everyone!

#CB19 #WFH26 #StayHome

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