Sunday, April 5, 2020

Pink Perspective

Have you ever looked at things through rose-tinted glasses? The last few days I've seen a lot of differing opinions about promoting positivity. I saw one post about a Filipina who recovered after getting infected with COVID19 who said that thinking positively helped her get well. Someone argued that the patient only managed to think positively because she was in a country with better health care system. I know it could be very challenging to think positively if you are not confident that you will get the proper healthcare. I know, I've been there. I didn't even get the proper diagnosis. It was willpower, positive thinking and prayers that always get me through illnesses. 

Does it mean that when you think positively you only see things through rose-tinted glasses? I think one can have a very good understanding of what reality is, but you can still have a positive mindset. 

I went to see my neuro today. He wanted to check if the two cavernomas in my brain were stable. He was happy to tell me that things were stable and we just needed to check annually. I breathed a sigh of relief because during our last appointment he brought up the idea of a procedure. My Kuya advised me back then not to dwell on it and to meditate. I got a better handle of things after the break I took last Christmas. 

On the way home from my appointment I realized that the two tiny things in my brain have been there since I was a child. It affects balance and I always thought I was lampa because I have flat feet. I actually had a hard time when my PT asked me to try the treadmill the other day. From since I could remember I've always been like this and it's been part and parcel of me. If I didn't have those two tiny things then I would probably be a different person. 

Positive thinking benefits your overall wellbeing a lot. I struggled for a long time after I had PE and I fought my way out of the hole by building my happiness well. And the best way to do that is to be grateful and to think positively. My cardiologist told me two years after my heart surgery that they almost lost me, but I survived because I put my mind to it. 

Reality bites, but you can manage the pain by focusing on how you can make thing better :)

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