Saturday, February 29, 2020

Living in the Time of the Coronavirus

February has been a big improvement from the crazy month that was January. The first month of the year was full of issues - the airstrikes that almost caused a war, the Taal Volcano eruption and the rise of coronavirus cases. It was a very stressful month and I was glad that Miggy accompanied me when I went back to Singapore.

We've been spending the last five weeks at home. I thought since we had Miggy for a few weeks we'd get to explore more of Singapore and perhaps make a dent on visiting all Toastbox branches. We cancelled all our lakwatsa plans. To be safe we only went out when it was really needed. I wanted to work on my vlog, but there's not much you can cover when you're stuck at home.

Went to see my doctor for my regular check-up. 
He told me to avoid going back to the hospital.

Keeping me safe was the biggest concern of my boys. We read the news from trustworthy sources and followed the advise to always wash hands. That day when the outbreak alert went up Sweetie passed by the grocery to buy bread. He was surprised to see many people buying so much stuff. Supermarkets and pharmacies ran out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, thermometers and masks. In the Philippines though when we have calamities people stock up on candles*, delata, rice and water.

Miggy's special chicken fingers. It was delicious!

As advised we also avoid eating raw food. It's been a long time since I had sushi and we usually eat cooked vegetables (vs. raw vegetable salads). We try to prepare most of our food. Miggy cooked a lot of our meals and I used that time to teach him some of my dishes (like the baked salmon in honey and lemon!).

One of our essential activities - physiotherapy.

Honestly, I enjoy just staying home. I've been able to blog every day and work on other things that make me happy. Spending all this time at home brought me back to equilibrium. It also provided me much needed rest from traveling for work. In Singapore you can easily buy everything online, but it's online grocery shopping has been hard because delivery schedules are always full.

I think whatever panic we were feeling early his month has waned. The government here has been doing an amazing job managing the situation. I am really grateful that they are taking care of everyone in the country. We still need to be vigilant as advised by the government. New cases may come from other sources. I pray though that scientists find the right treatment and medication to stop the virus from spreading further. I also pray for all the medical doctors, nurses and personnel fighting this.

May God protect us all.

*Candles because we oftentimes lose electricity in the Philippines during typhoons.

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