Friday, February 7, 2020


"No job is beneath me or above me. If something needs doing, I do it."

I was a battered employee way back. I had the misfortune of having drill sergeant (and sometimes weird) bosses. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them (well not anymore), but I did learn a lot from them. And one thing I learned from them is how not to be a bad boss.

My crew from a past life. We're still mostly in-touch. Miss you all.

I got the quote above from watching Mikey Bustos' video and it made me think - am I a good manager? I remember we had a managers training once and we were asked what things we didn't like about previous bosses. Here's a few of my experiences:

1. The screaming boss.
2. The boss who treats you like you're a plebe.
3. A boss who takes all the credit.
4. A very moody boss (I hate drahgz).
5. A boss who throws you under the bus.
6. A boss who won't set you up for success
7. Micromanagers.
8. A boss who throws stuff at you (yup this has happened to me).
9. A boss who you can't learn from.
10. An unsupportive manager.

I was in my mid-twenties when I started managing people. I protected my team from our bad bosses as much as I could and told myself I would never treat anyone the same way. Here's what I believe makes a good boss:

1. Be a leader not a boss.
2. Empower your team. Give them the space they need.
3. "We" and not "I".
4. Make objectives and key results clear.
5. Provide enough direction and let them fly. Be the wind beneath their wings.
6. Develop your padawans to become Jedis. (Coach, do not mandate).
7. Be understanding, but be firm.
8. Do not micromanager. Ever.
9. Be a friend when needed.
10. Enforce work-life balance.

I've listed just some basic thoughts. I have tips also for those managing multi-cultural teams and multi-age teams. Things get crazy and I cannot claim to be the perfect boss. I just hope and pray that my team knows they can always count on me (except when I need to take breaks to reboot hehe). Love you guys. 

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