Sunday, February 23, 2020


Kilig is a Filipino word that is so hard to translate. Kilig is an emotion one feels when your crush does something to you. It's a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you tingle all over, oftentimes resulting in making you blush. Some describe it as having butterflies in your stomach, for me though that means you're nervous.

This is me overflowing with kilig after Sweetie proposed.

Here's a few ways we use the word kilig -

When you're watching a Koreanovela and you see your favorite couple exchange meaningful glances... I'm so kilig!

When you bump into your crush and he gives you a big smile...
Kinikilig ako!

When you tell your friend about the big smile your crush gave you, your friend says...
Kinilig ka naman!

Signs a person is kinikilig -

The shoulder shake (much like when you pee...)

Surreptitious dimple showing...



You're eyes disappear

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