Sunday, February 2, 2020

Fill up Your Happy Thoughts Bucket

Times are tough and the other day I almost ran out of happy thoughts. Before I went online I posted this on my stream -

Then I went offline and made myself busy with other things. When I went back online I was surprised to get so many comments from family and friends -

I smiled. I giggled. I laughed. I began reminiscing happy times. I am grateful to all the friends who dropped a comment. My happy thoughts tank overflowed. My friend Denz said all I needed to do was look back at my photos to remember all the happy memories I have (he knows I have a gazillion photos). And I realized that this post I made is going to pull me out of any rut I get into. My plan now is to create "My Happiness" album because I'm sure I have happy photos with everyone who commented. I'm so excited to start on this project!

Happy photo in Baguio with Iosif and Phil.
Photo by Vince Tabor

Happy Sunday everyone! Remember, Papa God loves you.

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