Friday, February 21, 2020

Happy Endings

And they lived happily every after...

My happily ever after...

I love happy endings and I always get a high whenever I attend weddings.

Today I attend the wedding dinner of a good friend here in Singapore. It was a very unique wedding occasion. They tied the knot in the afternoon and had a dinner celebration in the evening with close friends. I would have loved to be there during the registration, but I couldn't escape from my work appointments.

Over dinner friends pitched in to share their love for the couple. There was a Hawaiian dance, poetry reading and an acoustic song performance. It was so heartfelt that a number of the guests cried when the bride read a poem she wrote for her groom. I have them on video, but I still need to edit it and ask permission from the couple to share.

For my dear friends, congratulations and best wishes. May your marriage be blessed and full of happiness. I hope next time I bump into the two of you it would be in better circumstances!

Love, love, joy, joy for both of you. <3

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