Monday, February 3, 2020

Rome Sweet Rome

One of my dream destinations is Rome. I was really ecstatic when I had the opportunity to visit back in 2018. It was a very short, but fulfilling trip.

What made the trip really special for me was having the opportunity to stay at the La Salle headquarters in Rome (Casa generaliza istituto Fratelli Scuole Cristiane) with Sweetie. Nestled inside the property is the Chiesa e Santuario di San Giovanni Battista de La Salle (church). One of the brothers told me that we should visit the church. He said, "You'll see making a huge round gesture."

The church was beautiful. The sun rays shifted colors as we walked down the aisle to explore the church. It was surreal for me to be closer to the saints that were the names of our university buildings. The biggest surprise was seeing St. La Salle's relics. I thought it would just be small pieces of bone like the other saints in the church. I was surprised to see his head and many other bones.

A miracle happened that day. Just before going to Rome I was diagnosed with PE (pulmonary embolism). My doctor allowed me to travel and Sweetie accompanied me. I prayed hard to St. La Salle that day to heal me. A few days after when I got home all the bad clots in my lungs just came out and then I felt so much better.

Oh St. La Salle, thank you so much for healing me.

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