Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Valentine's is just around the corner. Sweetie asked me the other day what our plans are and I said we can't really make plans because of the current situation. We don't really don't go out for Valentine's since we celebrate it every day! Cheesy!!!

Sweetie is sweeter than me. He prepares a sandwich for me everyday. It started a couple of years ago and the name "Jaybucks" started as a joke. He started making notes as part of his promise to replace all the love letters he gave to me before we married. All of the letters, notes, cards etc. went under water during Typhoon Ondoy. He's actually kept all the Jaybucks notes through the years and some are in an album.

Here are some of the Jaybucks specials -

It looks like Sweetie wants to expand though because last January when we came back he surprised me and Miggy with a snack bar!

Can you guesss what's my favorite Jaybucks sandwich?

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