Thursday, February 27, 2020

My First Koreanovela: My First First Love

Well technically the first Koreanovela I watched was the tagalized "Lovers in Paris". (or maybe it was "Boys Over Flowers"?). I'm not counting it though because the experience is really different when you squint to read the subtitles and listen to the real voice of the actors and actresses.

It was one of my friends who recommended "My First First Love" on Netflix. She explained that it was a good intro show for the uninitiated. She was right. The story was simple, but complex enough to keep me interested. The other challenge for me was reading subtitles!

The characters grew on me and the cast were pretty effective in their portrayal. When my friend told me about the show she spouted so many Korean names! None of them were familiar to me (I only know Sandara Park, Ryan Bang and Jimmy Kim*). So I watched the show without any background about the artists which allowed me to just fully enjoy the story.

My friend also explained to me that Koreanovelas have a finite number of episodes. Unlike Filipino telenovelas which can go on and on depending on ratings. Normally when they keep stretching the show the story just goes in crazy directions. I like the simple, straightforward way "My First First Love" was presented. A great story on friendship, heartaches, failing, winning, family and love..

If you're just like me, uninitiated, "My First First Love" is a great way to get your feet wet. Next one on my list is "Crash Landing on You" and then let's see if I'm ready to finally watch the DVD I bought two years ago.

The Sweetie Koreanovela <3

And I finally know the cast Ji Soo, Jung Chae-yeon, Jung Jin-young, Kang Tae-oh and Choi Ri. Another friend told me about Ji Soo's other shows and I just drowned hahaha! I need more time to understand this world! 

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