Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Wedding Fund

When I was a child we had a lot of weddings in the family. We went through a lot of preparations which included making souvenirs (that's why I'm into craft making!). Because of the exposure I already had an idea what I wanted for my wedding even at a young age.

The usual first bank account of young children at that time was from Banco Filipino - the Happy Savers Club! I think I still have my passbook somewhere in my baul. I'm not sure when it evolved into my wedding fund, but until my 20s I never touched the money. Banco Filipino closed down so my Mom moved it to BPI.

The funny thing is I never used it for a wedding fund. I used it instead for my MBA tuition! I was only 25 years old a young mom with a small salary. Miggy at that time already started big school so times were tough. I wanted to study because I wanted to be able to eventually move up faster at work.

It was a the best investment I made for myself at that age. Eventually my Titay helped me with the tuition for my last two semesters. I almost gave up, but when she found out she helped me and I'm forever grateful for her for that.

So that's where my "wedding fund" went to haha. Maybe if you have kids now you can have them start saving money while they're young for future studies! Or maybe a trip (whatever works hehe). Looking back I'm glad I made that decision because it definitely helped me grow. 

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