Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Growing Up with Strict Parents

My parents were very strict parents. I wasn't allowed to play outside and let's just say I'd rather go through a thesis defense rather than ask permission to go out with friends. That's how I ended up becoming a workaholic. 

My parents never required me to produce medals or have high grades. They already got those from my Ate and Kuya, so I got to enjoy studying at my own pace. I was a slow learner so I guess that helped lessen the pressure on me. By the time my brains started to develop I was already in sixth grade and my parents just let me be. 

It was the social aspect where they were very strict. They just really wanted to protect me. Of course during that time I didn't understand and I would cry my way to get permission to go out with friends. They liked it better when I had my friends hang out at home and since there was always bottomless food my friends didn't mind. 

One of the many parties we hosted at home with my friends. 
Managed to do this again last year which was a super happy day for me.

I was telling Sweetie earlier how I still got scolded when I came home late when we went out. My aunt  told me that the reason my parents were still strict even though I was already in my 30s was because my Dad was afraid I'll be heartbroken again. He wanted to take care of me forever. 

My aunt helped them realize that I should be allowed to make my mistakes and let me live and explore. There was also some pressure from the priests in our church. They all wanted me to find The One and they joked that they would put up a billboard to find me a boyfriend. They did this because I was spending so much time making the parish newsletter during my free time. 

Sweetie asked permission from my parents before he proposed to me. 

Eventually my parents fears abated when I started dating Sweetie. He really made the effort to reach out and get to know my parents. We spent a lot of our couple time at home too. My parents trusted him and I noticed that my parents started letting me do what I wanted as long as I went home early... haha. 

When Sweetie and I got married, I was super shocked that I didn't need to ask permission from my parents anymore. Well that has shifted to Miggy for the both of us haha. When we go out and come home a bit late we get a ping, "Kamusta kayo?" which translates to "It's getting late, aren't you going home yet?" It's a vicious cycle hahaha. 

Family Christmas lunch with Jay's Dad and my Mom.

So I grew up with strict parents. I'm where I am now because of them. They taught me discipline. They taught me to take decision making seriously. I'm probably a bit socially awkward, but I attribute that more to me being an introvert. I cannot claim that I was an obedient child, maybe 50-50. I found ways to do what I wanted (as any rebellious child does). I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but this is my life and my parents brought me up the best way they can.

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