Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Crazy Boat Rides

My friend Nina posted a short clip on Twitter yesterday showing a ship going through a huge wave. It looked a bit like the one below -

Have you ever been on a crazy boat ride? I'm like riding boats and like going around to explore islands. Sometimes though the weather changes and the smooth boat ride turns into a water roller coaster. Here are some of the crazy boat rides I've been on -

Carbin Reef to Sagay

I have been to Carbin Reef a few times. It's one of my favorite beach places in the Philippines which is located in Negros Occidental. The weather was always perfect when we went. It was during my last visit when the boat men told us we should head back earlier to Sagay. It looked liked it was going to rain so off we went. Oh my, the boat ride was absolutely crazy. We had to go through waves coming from different directions. Me and my friend Anne had to put on a brave face because I had colleagues from other countries who joined us in the trip to Carbin!


A few years ago we went island hopping during our trip to Boracay. From Station 2 we went towards Caticlan to reach Crystal Cove. We spent about two hours there and thought we should head to the lunch place that was part of the boat tour. The boat men said we'll pass towards the other end of Boracay, the area near Carabao Island. We said sure because we wanted to experience going around the whole island.

Before things got crazy.

The wind suddenly changed when we were about to turn at the end of the island and huge waves suddenly blew in. It took the full concentration of the boat men to traverse through the waves. What was scary was the huge rocks we could have crashed in if not for skillful management of the boat. The ride calmed down after we finished the turn. The boat men explained that it would have been more dangerous to turn back and go the other way. We skipped the lunch place and just ate super late lunch on dry land.

Puerto Galera

The ride through Batangas Bay from the Batangas Port to Puerto Galera has historically been always tumultuous for me. I like going to Puerto Galera before the summer crowd goes and usually the larger ferries are not available yet when I go. I normally take the huge motor banca to Puerto Galera. The waves never disappoint and I have countless times told myself never to take that boat ride anymore. The best way to survive the ride is to close your eyes and don't look outside of the banca. I've experienced so many times being eye level with water when the boat dips into a wave. After our last crazy boat ride Sweetie said we won't go back again huhu (but maybe I can convince him to go if we take the ferry).

It never crossed my mind that the crazy boat rides I've been on would sink even though I probably shaved off a few years off my life.  I'm just grateful the boatmen always expertly brought us back to shore safely. 

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