Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Majestic Sistine Chapel

It seems just like yesterday when I visited the Vatican. I always smile when I remember the day we got to visit the Sistine Chapel.

The only way to access the Sistine Chapel is through the Vatican Museum. I'm not sure exactly which building it's on, but it was a huge effort to survive the stairs to reach the chapel. Oh my, it was a surreal experience to finally see Michaelangelo's work of art. I cried. I thought my heart was going to burst because I never imagined I'd be there.

The guides had to keep reminding everyone to be quiet. It's a chapel after all. A sacred place. My mind was blown when I realized that the Papal Conclave is hosted in the Sistine Chapel. Can you imagine being in the same place where they elect a new pope? I felt any prayer I would make would be granted while I was there (well God answers all our prayers don't forget).

I wanted to memorize everything I saw. I wanted to remember everything and describe every tiny thing I saw to my Mom. How I wish she was with me that day. I dedicate that beautiful day to my Mom.

*Photo taking wasn't allowed inside the Sistine Chapel. The selfie above is the only photo I have. I just bought a book from the souvenir shop after the tour hehe. 

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