Thursday, February 6, 2020

Beautiful Nami Island

Last year I finally brought Sweetie to one of the most beautiful places I've been to, Nami Island.

The first time I went to Nami Island was a few years ago with work friends. It was really fun since it's been some time I've traveled with friends. What we all didn't expect was the weather changed from autumn to winter the week we were there. It made roaming around Nami Island hard. Good thing we rented a "pedicab". That made it easier for us to get around the property.

Flat land...


During my trip with Sweetie the weather was perfect for walking around. We had limited time to go around the island so we tried the train. It brought us to the middle of the island faster and allowed us to explore the lake area. It was so relaxing to stroll around and appreciate nature. I super loved the clean, fresh air.

Photo by Sweetie <3

My Sweetie <3

Next time I have the opportunity to visit Nami Island I would like to try staying there. They have a hotel and villas available since it's also a popular wedding venue in South Korea. The first time I was there we saw several couples doing pre-nuptial shots. Some of the brides were even garbed in their tube top wedding dresses (at 2'C weather!)! 

DIY wedding photography.

And one thing I really enjoyed doing at Nami Island - drinking coffee to keep warm!

Love, love, love!

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