Friday, July 2, 2021

Working Out Detours

I woke up with a smile today. I finally slept well. I feel the rain has stopped and things are just going to get better. I have been reflecting a lot about my new reality. The detour has forced me to take stock of what I can still do and what I have to let go. 

The Didache reflection last night was about the detours God gives you. Brother Bo Sanchez said, "Listen, if you’re not ready, God will allow a detour. But through that detour, He will mature you, shape you, equip you, and prepare you. Here’s my belief: God uses detours as doorways to your destiny." I have been asking myself why this happened to me and realized it's a detour from God to nudge me to another path.

For now my focus is to get well and my dream is to be reunited with Miggy and my Mom before the year ends. I chanced upon Bro Bo's vlog today. His topic today is about knowing your core gift to give to the world. If you don't know what you're good at his advise is to look back to your childhood. That will help you realize what you love doing and what you're good at. 

Detours are good. I struggled for many months because I wanted to go back to what was usual. The more frustrated I got the worse I felt. The best thing I did was to give up and let God take over. Recovery has been very slow, but I know I just need to trust God's process. I'm grateful my breathing has been better and I have more energy now. 

I'm sure my destiny will eventually be revealed. For now I'll just enjoy this detour and pray for the best! 

BTW, the Asia Pacific Google Educators Group are hosting their fourth live event this weekend! You can get more information about the events here.

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I usually watch reflection vlogs while eating breakfast. 

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