Sunday, July 18, 2021

Went to the Gym! Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Day 2 in Singapore

I meant I went to the Pokemon Go Gym today. Today was raid day of the Pokemon Go Fest. We thought we had to head out again just to complete the tasks. Luckily you don't need to go out just to join the raids. We were so relieved since we were so tired from yesterday's activities. Thanks Niantic for providing free remote raid passes! It's still best to just stay home nowadays. 

What I enjoyed about today's activities is we were able to play together with friends from other countries. We had several chats set-up to coordinate raid invites. It was a joy to play together with friends in the Philippines and Canada! I just focused on participating in raids and let my Pokemon Go Plus do the catching. 

The last time we were able to play Pokemon Go in person with friends was during my birthday celebration in 2019. After the program we just converged and started trading before we went home. It was a great time to play since I had lucky friends who I haven't seen for a long time. Some friends also exchanged trainer codes that day. 

I've been playing Pokemon Go for five years now. I remember I installed it in Tokyo and it was friends who are teachers who taught me how to play. I always looked forward to traveling because I could pick up regional Pokemon which wasn't available here in Singapore before (i.e. Farfetch'd in Japan, Kangakshan in Australia, Tauros in the US, Mr. Mime in Europe. I would catch as many as I could so I could trade it with Sweetie and Miggy. It's also been my companion to get me moving more. 

Day 12 Gratitude Challenge, A person you look up to. I look up to many people. Instead of pointing out one person I thought I'd share something I learned from Dr. Ned Roberto. When I was taking market research lessons under him he advised me to always have a mentor at every point in my life. He explained that the person doesn't need to know that you're appointing him/her as a mentor. You just look at this person and pick their best qualities/skills and learn from them. This is why I look up to many people and I'm grateful that I've learned so much through the years because of the advise Lolo Ned gave me :)

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