Monday, July 12, 2021

Stepped on Philippine Soil Today!

I intended to wake up early today to work on some stuff online. I did, but because the bed felt so warm and cozy I fell asleep again. Sweetie eventually woke me up because I had to eat and drink meds. I've been having a hard time sleeping again. I end up waking up late because I have to sleep at least 8 hours everyday to feel like a person haha. 

I went out for some errands. I stepped on Philippine soil*... went to the Philippine embassy. I used to go there a lot before because you're required to get a pass (OEC) whenever you go home. The embassy transformed a lot in the past ten years. The transaction experience got better in the last few years. All the procedures are detailed online and you just need to book an appointment before you go (plus they added a/c in the hall!). I'm usually in and out in just 10 to 15 minutes whenever I go. I wish agencies back home would be the same.   

I usually take Grab whenever I go out. It's always a joy whenever I get a huge car for my trip. I especially like the cars with automatic doors. It reduces the things you need to touch, plus the car is so roomy. I got lucky today because I got two big cars! Appreciating the little things can bring so much joy. The second big car brought me to the hospital. I had to drop off a CD for my doctor to scrutinize (they're so fascinated with the make-up of my body haha).

Just before I got on my ride home big raindrops started to fall. It was so sunny when I left home so I didn't expect it would rain today. It was still a beautiful day and I'm thankful I had a chance to go out again. 

*Embassies are thought to a piece of the country in a foreign country.

Day 7 Gratitude Challenge, Something that Makes You Smile. A lot of things make me smile. Waking up, seeing Sweetie, getting a ping from Miggy, perfectly made coffee, our healthy plants, getting a huge Grab car, seeing cute photos, crazy vids and many other things. There's just a lot of things to smile about everyday. What about you, what makes you smile?

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