Sunday, July 4, 2021

A Moment in Time (aka Slumbook)

One of my favorite childhood activities was getting my classmates to fill-out my Merit slumbook (I wonder if they still print those haha). I got an updated one a few years ago from Powerbooks and got my colleagues to fill it up. They all laughed at me, but indulged in completing their pages. 

I found "time capsule" prompts on Pinterest and thought I'd do it for myself today just for fun. I haven't done this in a long time.  It would be interesting to do this every so often to see how much I change. I choose a list that resembles the Merit slumbook I had when I was young. 

Name: Aileen Apolo-de Jesus

Age: 45

Phone number: secret!

Current President: DU30

Favorite Song: currently liking Ben & Ben songs

Favorite Movie: most recent would be Fatherhood, forever faves would be Back to the Future and Amadeus

Favorite Food: spaghetti forever

Favorite Restaurant: currently Xin Wang, but Lachi's, Dayrits and Makati Supermart Coffee Shop forever

3 things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years: be reunited with family, have an appropriately sized house, improve my craft

What I like most about myself: survivor, flexible

What I most want to change: worrying!

My hero is: Papa God, my family

I most want to be like: be the best version of myself

Favorite book: Didache for now

Favorite game: Pokemon Go

I belong to the following orgs/clubs: GEG, SVMM, a number of patient and quilting groups on FB

Favorite subject in school: sewing, logic

The school I attend(ed) is: SSC, DLSU

My favorite teacher(s): Lakangiting Garcia, Prof. Garcia (MBA) [past]; currently learning a lot from Chef Tatung (Simpol), Kevin (Epic Gardening), Chinkee Tan

Favorite hobby: quilting

The thing I am best at is: figuring out how to work out a problem

Favorite color: pink (but if you look at my closet most of my clothes are blue haha)

I enjoy learning about: quilting, finance management, cooking

Favorite animal: dog

Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory

When I grow up, I want to be a: successful retiree (I'm at that age haha)

My favoring thing I did in 2020 is: gardening and working on my crafts

Something I want to do by 2023: travel again

Try it! Copy and answer the questions in a comment below! 

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