Thursday, July 8, 2021

Finally Losing Weight!

I have been struggling with my weight for a few years now. I started to gain a lot of weight when my asthma medication was changed. It got worse when I started taking blood thinners. I tried so many ways, but nothing worked. I was so bloated and my doctors were concerned it was straining my heart. 

Here's how I finally started to lose weight:

1. Doubled my water intake from 2 liters to 3 liters a day. 

2. Counting calories and eating more chicken than pork. I don't eat beef often. I'm also trying to eat more fiber rich food (honestly lagging in this department). I basically halved my food intake and reduced my sugar intake. 

3. My doctor increased my probiotics dosage. 

4. Unintended intermittent fasting. I have had to sleep longer to increase my deep sleep, this has resulted in unintended 16-hour fast. 

5. Eating oatmeal for breakfast 6 times a week. My cardiologist ordered me to do this. Good thing I love oatmeal! I cheat once a week with something heavy like pancakes. 

6. More exercise. I've been ramping up on exercise. My stats though are laughable, but I try to do what I can. At least now I can use the exercise bike for 12-minutes non-stop. Walking is still limited, but I hope this would improve with time. 

7. I sleep at least 8-hours a day. 

I was so overjoyed when I started to see my weight going down. I hope I'd get to a decent more appropriate weight in good time. 

Day 3 Gratitude Challenge, A Song You Love. One of the songs I love is "It's Gonna Be Okay" by the Piano Guys. I first heard this song during their concert here in Singapore. It was the day my first PE was discovered and I was feeling so down. Music heals and this song struck a chord in me that helped me go through the ordeal. 

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