Monday, July 5, 2021

Hello Outside World!

The last time we got to go out was when we went to the Star Wars Identities exhibit. That was more than two months ago. We've just stayed home to keep safe and just get our supplies delivered. Sweetie accompanied me to a check-up today. I was so happy when he agreed to go to my favorite mall after. 

We ended up dining at one of our favorite restos, Nana's Green Tea. It's a dessert place, but they have a great selection of meals. I usually order the oroshi hamburg. It comes with red rice and a salad. I should ask Uncle Fumio how to make this dish. I normally pair the dish with matcha latte. We missed Miggy since we normally eat there with him. 

The highlight of the day out for me was going to Spotlight. I needed to buy some fabric for a quilt project. I want to make a thank you gift for my doctors. I'll probably make a lap quilt since I noticed they don't use throw pillows in the clinic. My favorite doctor had the throw pillow cover quilt I gave him framed! Haha. i hope they will use the lap quilt I'll make. 

I was tired after just one store. I had to drag my feet to finish the rest of our errands. I'm happy we were able to get the free oximeter from the Temasek Foundation. They are providing one per household and you can claim it from Watsons/Guardian/Cold Storage or your community center. The oximeter is fancier than my old one! Thank you Temasek Foundation, really appreciate this support!

And now I'm flat on my back on the couch. I'm exhausted! The happy kind! I'll probably pay for this until tomorrow, but that's okay. It was good to see the outside world again! 

Of course, I forgot about my gratefulness challenge yesterday! I only remembered it after I posted my blog haha. Day 2 Gratitude Challenge: What you find beautiful. I find nature beautiful. I've been watching a lot of NatGeo, BBC Earth and nature vlogs the past few months. I'm truly amazed at God's creation. Watching documentaries and vlogs inspire me and I've been learning a lot too. Thank you Papa God for our beautiful home, earth. 

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