Tuesday, July 20, 2021

2-Years in the Making Harry Potter Quilt Blanket

Since I picked up quilting again I thought it would be nice to make quilt blankets as a wedding gift. My friends Jomar and Celine were set to do their church in July 2019. I started the project a month before their wedding thinking I would finish the quilt project in time for their wedding. I was dead wrong. 

It took two years and a month, multiple trips across Taiwan, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, the US, South Korea and what-not before I finished it in Singapore. The culprit was the tiny triangle highlights which required painstaking precision by hand. Aunties would fawn over me whenever I would sew in-flight (hahaha). I think it took me a year to finish the triangle highlights of the blanket. Here's how I made it --

The funny thing is I also ran out of fabric! I still don't know how to estimate the amount of fabric needed and I was very busy at work. I ended up waiting to get enough fabric before I could finish the project. One thing I did not anticipate also was the blanket got quite heavy to work on. I had to work on my stamina and energy so I could finally finish it. Sweetie had to help me carry it around and fold the blanket (Miggy helped me with the Wonder Woman quilt blanket project).

I chose Harry Potter as a theme because Celine loves HP a lot. I love working on themed quilt projects too because it gives me a reason to buy licensed fabric (quite expensive though haha). Celine and Jomar have just celebrated their second church wedding anniversary. I have to figure out now how to send this baby to Canada. I hope it gets to them in time for autumn! 

Day 18, Gratitude Challenge, An item you use everyday. One thing I'm really grateful for at the moment are the medications I drink everyday. It's keeping me alive! So I'm really grateful to all the scientists who figured out how to make meds to help keep me well! Without the medications to help with blood clots and pulmonary embolism I would have probably been long gone by now. Thank you dear scientists! 

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