Friday, July 9, 2021

My Dream Space

I was already in high school when I had my own room. Growing up I slept on the floor in my parents' room. We had available rooms in our home. I just never had the urge to move. My realm was my mattress and the space around it. My toys would lay beside the bed, eventually an Olympia typewritter, books and then I went through a period with my walkman. I soon moved to my Ate's room after. 

When my Mom taught me crafts she would put projects in a basket. This allowed us to move around the house. We'd usually start in the bedroom and by afternoon in her garden. This is how I learned to work anywhere. With little space though in our apartment here in SG, I commandeered the couch and sala table as my craft space. It's not a pretty sight. My materials are also lined up across the kitchen. 

I've always dreamt of having a proper space to do my crafts. Right now I use the dining table to measure and cut fabric. Fabric and scraps are scattered across the living room table. The couch holds my rulers, biscuit can of thread and sometimes the pincushion. I once had a walk-in closet which I turned into a craft room. The room housed all of my beads and I had a table I could work on. Too bad though I barely had time to craft then!

I've been looking at craft room vlogs and designs on Pinterest. Wow! It would be wonderful to have proper storage for my sewing materials. Then a center island where I can cut fabric (okay, Sweetie can also use it for his projects). I also want to have a sewing machine table I could push around where I want to work. I get so excited thinking about it haha. I've been trying to draw my ideal craft room, but my drawing skills does not exist. 

I can go on and on about the features I want for the tables, but I won't bore you with that. What about you? Would you want to have a special space for yourself? 

Day 4 Gratitude Challenge, An Accomplishment of Yours: surviving motherhood until this day! Whew! I was looking at licensed cartoon fabric early this week because I'm planning to make Miggy a quilt blanket. I realized though that he is already an adult! I ended up not getting any fabric because I realized I need to reframe my mind and accept that he's no longer a tiny 4-year old. I am grateful to everyone who has accompanied us in our journey. 

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