Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pokemon Go Fest 2021, Singapore Experience

We've been looking forward to the Pokemon Go Fest this year. We prepared better for the event this year. We watched vlogs of other players and read articles. We learned our lesson last year because we could complete the tasks at home. So we planned ahead for the event this year. 

We decided to go to Vivo City today. It's where we usually go when there's a community event (and we used to live across it). We think it's the best place to play Pokemon Go in Singapore because it has a lot of Pokestops and Gyms. You can catch a lot of Pokemon also across the mall. Walking around also makes it easy to hatch eggs and complete distance tasks. 

Good thing I had a lot of errands this week. That helped prepare me for all the walking I had to do today. We started at Harbourfront Centre where we had breakfast. Did errands in between while working our way towards our last stop (Fairprice at Vivo). The mall though isn't as PWD friendly as it was before. They removed all the seats that was scattered around the mall (boo!). 

Overall, I'm glad that the collection challenge was easier this year. I was able to complete the collection challenges within the first 30 minutes of every hour (whew!). The special tasks were also quite easy to complete. Sweetie though had to help me with the 3 nice throws in a row haha. Good thing Sweetie got me a Pokemon Go Plus. The gadget really helped me today since sometimes I get so impatient catching everything in sight. I wish though I got more shiny Pokemon, sigh. 

One more day tomorrow! I hope it won't be as intense as today! Rest well tonight my Pokemon Go friends!

Day 11 Gratitude Challenge, A food you love. SPAGHETTI!!! I could eat spaghetti everyday if I needed to. If you read my yearbook write-ups, all of it mention I love spaghetti. Eating spaghetti always makes me happy. I have many memories associated with eating spaghetti. One would be going to Makati Supermart with my parents (when it was still in Makati). We'd also grab some spaghetti at the coffee shop. Another would be when Tita Olive would cook spaghetti for my birthday parties. Date days with Daddy at Dayrit's. I used to order spaghetti that was served on a carabao sizzling plate (until I discovered their burger). And Kuya's spaghetti. Spaghetti just brings me so much joy :)

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