Saturday, July 10, 2021

Finished the Shophouse Quilt Sampler!

Sometimes inspiration can be hard on you. I've wanted to create a shophouse quilt since I laid eyes on a book featuring Singapore shophouses. I super loved the colors of the shophouses. Two years passed and I promised myself I'll work on it this year. 

I started working on it three weeks ago. I thought I was going to finish it in a few days. It took three weeks because each block took almost two days to make. Selecting fabric, measuring and cutting took up a lot of time. Each block had 16 to 24 pieces that had to be sewn together by hand. After combining 9 blocks I had to add in the "windows" and "doors" for each block.

Halfway through the project I wanted to give up. Hand-sewing each block took a lot of time and I had to rest my hand in-between (apparently sewing can cause carpal tunnel too). There were nights when I'd look at a finished block and think it was ugly. They looked better in the morning (haha). I'm not one to leave a project unfinished so I continued work on it. 

I finally finished it last night! I used a sewing machine to put the binding on. My hand had run out of stitching power already. Yes, I also thought it was ugly last night. It looked much better when I woke up this morning (hahaha). 

Here's a video on how I made it -

This is a sampler project. I'm going to finish first other projects and then I'll work on my shophouses for my home quilt project. At the rate I'm going I'll probably get to it next year. 

*If you want to try making the shophouse quilt, I have the template available here.

Day 5 Gratitude Challenge, A friend. I have so much to be thankful for my friends. I consider them as my guardian angels. They are always there whenever I need them. Love to all my friends. 

Happy weekend everyone. 

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