Friday, July 30, 2021


I had a strange dream last night. I had a pet tiger. Yes, a pet tiger. He was the sweetest pet and followed me around wherever I went. He would come with me when I would travel and would be ferocious at protecting me. 

When I woke up I checked what dreaming of a tiger meant. It means power and strength. Maybe I dreamt about the tiger because I was so inspired by Hidilyn Diaz yesterday. I don't really believe in dream stuff, but I was happy to read about what tigers in dreams mean. It makes me think that the fighter in me is back. Yay! 

Day 28 Gratitude Challenge, Something that brings hope. I've been writing about this the past few days -- Hidilyn Diaz! Did you see all the brand ads who greeted her? It's a great showcase of Filipino wit, go look for it on FB. 

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