Thursday, July 29, 2021

Go for Gold

I've been watching videos on YouTube on Hidilyn Diaz and she's inspiring me a lot. The Olympic gold medalist went through a lot of challenges before she won. She was stranded in Malaysia and had to train on her own. That meant she didn't have any proper equipment. A good samaritan Malaysian took her in and helped train her. I read he was the president of the weightlifting association (thank you sir!). One news video showed her using makeshift items for training. 

In Boy Abunda's interview with Hidilyn after she won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, she said that the first thing she'd do every morning is pray. She shared also that through her challenges she felt that God became her best friend through prayer. She doesn't believe so much in luck, but she believes in hardwork and letting God do the rest. In her interview with ABS-CBN Teleradyo she reaffirmed this and said she surrendered everything to God during the competition. 

This gives me so much hope that things will be okay. I have been worried the past two weeks because of the new findings. This new challenge is something that I should just surrender to God's Will. At the same time I have to do what I can to avert disaster and make myself strong. This is the journey that I am on now and as Hidilyn Diaz keeps saying in her interviews, "Dream high, go for gold!" 

Thank you for the inspiration Hidilyn :)

PS I also discovered Hidilyn Diaz has a vlog! Go check it out.

Day 27 Gratitude Challenge, A gift you received. My favorite gift nowadays is my sewing machine which Sweetie gave me for Christmas. I've been learning how to use it properly the past few months. I think I'm getting the hang of it and I'm finally able to make straight stitches. I had been dilly-dallying about getting myself a sewing machine because I'm happy sewing by hand. I wanted to try using the sewing machine, but I wasn't sure I would commit to it. I dragged getting one for years, so Sweetie just got one for me haha. I'm so happy he did because I've been having pain in my hand and arm when I sew by hand too much. Getting the sewing machine forced me to learn new sewing skills too. Thank you Sweetie :D

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